Sanjiv Sinha - the foodydoody

Sanjiv Sinha – the foodydoody

My name is Sanjiv Sinha and I live in Texas. I remember asking my mother to teach me how to cook when I was seven. Cashew Pulao (Pilaf) was the first thing I ever learned and I was hooked. Even though the majority of my professional career has been in the software industry, the one passion that has stayed with me through the years is cooking.

I truly believe that eating well has a direct correlation with living well. The prevalence of cheap, fast food is alarming. Add to that the gigantic portions served in restaurants and you have, pardon the pun, a recipe for disaster. Given the frightening statistics associated with obesity in America,which is where I live, we owe it to ourselves and our children to look out for ourselves. The best way to manage our food intake is to cook. Cooking does not have to be a hassle. To me, it is fun, adventurous and relaxing. Best of all, with a little planning, it actually takes less time than going to a restaurant, even a fast food restaurant.

I love to cook. I don’t normally follow recipes but use them more as a guideline than a prescription. I hope you will do the same. There is a lot of fun to be had in experimentation. This blog is to share my love of cooking with you. If you don’t already love it, I hope you try it and some day enjoy it as much as I do.

Bon Appetit!

About the name: The reason I chose the name was a) it was available and b) I am a dude, hence foody dood (dude). However, as somebody I know is very fond of pointing out (repeatedly and painfully, I might add ;-)) “doody” also stands for caca, poop, feces or if you prefer shit. So to borrow another common slang, my blog is the shit! i.e. it is a cool place to hang out and talk about food and get inspired to cook. Hope you feel the same way.


3 responses to “About

  1. Nirat

    This is great stuff. good luck !

  2. Your vegetarian versions of Tex-Mex look really good! Not enough of those kinds of recipes in the world!

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