Paneer Pizza with Tandoori Masala

Paneer Pizza with Tandoori Masala

Paneer Pizza with Tandoori Masala

Indians know their food. Restaurants with mediocre (read that as not finger smackingly good) fare tend not to last very long. While there is a slew of trendier places that have opened up in the last couple of decades, where people go to see and be seen, food is still front and center and places simply can’t survive on the glitz. And so it is in this mix, that Mickey D’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s and their ilk have decided to test their mettle. Without exception, ALL of them have had to come up with a different, some might call tastier, menu for India. And the menu is good, in fact as fast food goes, it is great. Our family looks forward to it every time we visit India. After all, where else would you find dishes like McAloo Tikki Burger (a Potato based patty Burger), Kathitto (a Kathi Roll sold by Taco Bell) and Rawalpindi Chana Paneer Pizza.

While I have been able to replicate, or come close to, getting my Burger and Kathi Roll fix in the US, making a good Indian-style Paneer Pizza has eluded me. I have tried and failed in the past (click here).  So this time around I kept it simple. I started out making a standard Margherita (see here). I started with some cold fermented dough and some homemade Tomato-Basil Sauce. Then I added some minced garlic, some chopped tomatoes, Paneer, and Fresh Mozzarella. Sprinkled the whole thing liberally with some Tandoori Masala powder(available in Indian grocery stores) and baked it on my Baking Steel.

When it was done, some more Tandoori Masala powder, freshly ground sea salt and a topping with chopped Basil completed the Pizza. It was a beautiful thing.

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