Homemade Waffles

Homamade Waffle

Homamade Waffle

Our kids love waffles for breakfast. Our regular go-to source was Costco, specifically the Kirkland brand frozen waffles. However, a while back one of our friends told us that in the interest of not adding unnecessary chemicals to her kids’ diet, she had started making waffles from scratch and was loving the result. The idea was intriguing but since I didn’t have a waffle maker and not wanting to buy one (being the cheap Desi that I am), it was shelved in some far recess of my mind.

Fast forward a few months and I happened to be at Bed, Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon. There was a reasonably priced Cuisinart that was calling my name. So I bit the bullet and purchased it. After a few delicious experiments, I chanced upon the recipe below that was a winner. Easy to make and absolutely delicious. We are NOT going back to frozen waffles any time soon!

Here you go (recipe here). Enjoy.

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