Truffle Oil – stuff so good, it even works on Upma

Upma with Black Truffle Oil

Upma with Black Truffle Oil

Neapolitan-style Pizzerias seems to be the restaurant du jour in the US for the last year or so. You can’t drive two miles without hitting one (especially in Dallas). The good news for us Pizza lovers is that these pizzerias are generally quite good(IMO, I can get better pizza in Dallas than we did in Italy – we visited Rome and Tuscany in October this year). However, often for us poor vegetarians there is little to choose from on the menu other than often a Cheese pizza (Quattro Formaggio) or the Margherita. However, on a trip to Seattle, I unexpectedly encountered a Mushroom Pizza with Truffle Oil at Serious Pie (a seriously good pizzeria) that was incredible. In fact, even the carnivores in our party conceded that it was probably the best pizza they had that day. Gordon Ramsay and others that call Truffle Oil a terrible ingredient can say what they want, I like the stuff. It works for me and at the end of the day, that is the only thing that matters.

So, of course, being the pizza fanatic that I am, I needed to try making it at home but I had no Truffle Oil. That situation was rectified after the aforementioned trip to Italy and I have successfully created a Mushroom Truffle Oil pizza at home (recipe will follow soon). But having Truffle Oil at home opened up other possibities that I hadn’t thought of. Just yesterday, we had Upma and as I was eating it, I was struck by the flavors and thought that Truffle Oil would work really well with Upma. As I got up to get some, I encountered groans from my wife and kids over the absurdity of putting TO in U but I persisted. It was great! It totally worked. In fact, the wife, having tried some grudgingly admitted that it tasted pretty good.

So fellow cooks and readers, don’t be afraid to experiment even if it sounds ridiculous. Sometimes, you do strike gold.


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