The very awesome Bhatia Masala Bun Omelette – simplicity itself

The Bhatia Bun Omelette

The Bhatia Bun Omelette

I went to school in India – IIT Roorkee (erstwhile University of Roorkee) to be precise. Like many of us who went to residential colleges in India, the campus was surrounded by eateries catering to the students. While there were many exceptional places to eat, the humble Bhatia Tea Stall stood out. Offering a limited menu of Bun Omelettes (a sandwich consisting of, as the name implies, a bun with an omelette in it) and heavily doctored Maggi Noodles, it stood apart in its execution. Everything it offered, was exceptional, or that is how I remembered it. So it was with some trepidation that I had visited it in 2011 to find that it more than met up to its billing. I had returned home and tried to recreate the magic of Bhatia’s Bun Omelette with mixed success.

Fast forward three more years, and I was back in Roorkee for a reunion. This time, at Bhatia’s I watched the Bun Omelette being made. What I discovered was that is that the secret was simplicity. I was just trying too hard with too many ingredients. So having been duly chastised, I returned home and tried to recreate his masterpiece. This time the effort was much better as my daughter attested. Without further ado, here goes

INGREDIENTS (for 1 Bun Omelette)

1 Tbsp Cooking Oil (I use EVOO)

1 Egg

1/8 cup finely chopped onion

Green chili – thinly sliced  to taste

Salt to taste

Chat Masala (available at any Indian store)

Bun – A Brioche type bun would be perfect – you need the bun to be slightly sweet


1. Beat the egg till its nice and fluffy and add the salt.

2. Heat oil in a frying pan on medium heat and pour the egg in when the oil is hot.

3. When the egg begins to set, sprinkle the onion and chilis. Fold the omelette over and cook both sides.

4. Slice the Brioche, and put the omelette between the slices. Sprinkle Chat Masala on top (you may want to fold the omelette over once more).

5. Take the whole sandwich, with the egg inside and pan fry both sides till slightly brown.

6. Serve hot with ketchup (or any other sauce of your choosing).


4. Slice the brioche, put the omelette inside




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2 responses to “The very awesome Bhatia Masala Bun Omelette – simplicity itself

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  2. Awesome picture, and blog. Nothing better to stir up nostalgia. Feel like going to Roorkee right away.

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