Two tips to satisfy a Pizza craving

A slightly burned flatbread Pizza

A slightly burned flatbread Pizza with Walnut Pesto

I love making and eating Pizza, when done right, the process is time-consuming but the results are well worth it. For best results, the dough needs to be made 24-48 hours in advance and then cold fermented in the fridge (recipe here). Baking the pizza too, is time consuming because ideally you want the Pizza Stone or Pizza Steel to be preheated for a few hours before you bake. So what is one to do, if one develops a craving for Pizza but has neither the time nor resources – say when you have people to feed or lunch to send to school(and we all know cold pizza tastes pretty decent) – there are two things that have worked for me.

Tip 1– Use a rollup type flatbread as the base (I used a brand called Flatout, I think). This is not an original idea but something that I realized when I ate at the excellent Bombay Pizza Company in Houston. They don’t have a Pizza in the strict Italian sense of the word, they use a thin flatbread as the base. Turns out, it works fabulously well. You can put Tomato-Basil sauce, Pesto (recipe here), whatever toppings you like and Cheese and stick it in the oven on Bake (500F) or Broil/Grill for a few minutes till the cheese melts and bubbles. Since the base is pre-cooked and very thin, you need to make sure that it doesn’t burn. Good stuff.

Tip 2 – Make extra pizza bases when you are baking your “good” pizza. In other words, if you have gone through the pain of making the dough and preheating the Pizza stone, just go ahead and bake a few extra pies with no toppings or sauce. Make sure you only half cook them so they are just starting to rise and brown. These then can be frozen and brought out in a pinch, topped with sauce and toppings and thrown in the oven to make Pizza at a moment’s notice. They turn out much better than the store bought Pizza bases. Well worth having a few of these in the freezer.

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