Tandoori Rotis on the Grill – a revisit

Grilled Tandoori Roti

Grilled Tandoori Roti

A few weeks back I had posted about making Rotis on this grill. They are easy to make, you can turn out a few at a time and they taste quite good, especially warm. Well, I was curious to see how a thicker version of the Roti that was more akin to Tandoori Roti would turn out. So I went ahead and made a thick Roti the last time I made a batch. It was surprisingly tasty and quite soft (which, if you have tried to make Tandoori Roti at home, would know is quote a feat).

Anyway, this time I went all out and made a whole bunch of them to eat with dinner (Egg Curry – recipe here). They were great and definitely worth making again. The few tips I have if you are going to try and make thick (think about twice as thick as Flour Tortillas rolled out) are

1. Use salt, water and Aata (Whole Wheat Flour) for the dough. You don’t want to put oil or anything else in it.

2. Make a really soft dough and really work the dough till gluten is formed.

3. Let the dough it sit for a few hours.

4. Use a super hot grill – you are trying to replicate the high temperatures of the Tandoor.

5. Experiment till you get it right. The recipe works but it takes practice to get it right. Teaching a recipe over a blog post for something that requires “feel” is hard to do. This is just one of those things that rewards experimentation.


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