Rotis on the Grill

Grilled Rotis

Grilled Rotis

Ask an Indian housewife of my parents’ generation what is the easiest thing to cook, and I’ll bet you my bottom dollar most will say Rotis (Chapatis). Having been brought up in North India, I love Chapatis (Rotis), Tandoori Rotis and Naans. However, making Rotis for me or my wife is a particularly arduous task. And we suck at it. What is easy for many is very hard for us. It probably is the 10,000 hour rule at play here. Rotis are made every day in most households and people who make them, really get good at it. We don’t make Rotis every day ergo we aren’t very good at it.

However since everyone in our family enjoys Indian bread, I have explored ways to make other Indian breads and generally succeeded with the help of my grill. The Naan recipe (read here) works beautifully. The Tandoori Rotis are serviceable (read here). So, a couple of weeks back, on a whim I decided to make some dough (Whole Wheat Flour aka Aata, Salt and Water – kneaded really well till the gluten formed and the dough was soft) and try making Chapatis on a Grill.

I rolled out a batch of Rotis like I normally would. Then, cooked them four at a time on a very hot (500F), preheated grill. Less than a minute on each side. You have to watch them carefully. They cook fast. I was done with enough Rotis to feed six in less than 5 mins of cooking time. The verdict? They were good. A sort-of cross between a Chapati and Tandoori Roti, they tasted really good, and they were easy to make. You can’t go wrong with that combination. The best part? It gave a cheapskate vegetarian like me, another reason to justify the purchase of a grill.

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