Eggless Homemade Naans



Indians are particular about dietary restrictions. As a result we are not content with the standard vegan, vegetarian and meat-eater labels, we go further. Below is a small sampling of categories, I am positive I have missed a few.

Meat Eater (aka Non-Vegetarian) Hindu – Eats Chicken, Fish and Goat but no Beef

Meat Eater (aka Non-Vegetarian) Muslim – Eats Chicken, Fish, Goat and Beef. Preferably Halal.

Vegetarian (Bengali) – Eats Egg and Fish but no other animals.

Eggitarian – Vegetarian who eats eggs.

Vegetarian – Eats dairy and vegetables. No eggs.

Vegetarian (Jain) – Eats no meat of any sort. Doesn’t even eat root vegetables because they might have animals sustaining on them. No garlic either.

Since my a fair number of my relatives are vegetarian (dairy and veggies, no eggs), my standard Naan recipe (see here) wouldn’t do for them. So I tried a new yogurt based recipe last time. The recipe came from Aarti Sequiera at (see here). The verdict – nice but no cigar. The egg-based recipe is vastly superior. This one works but unless you have a dietary restriction, I would use the one with egg, it is just that much better.


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