Homemade Naans (Indian Flatbread)

Homemade Naans

Homemade Naans

I have struggled with making Naan at home. I have tried to use the basic Foccacia/Pizza dough type recipe with results that are edible but lack the softness. So when I decided to try making Naan (again) yesterday, my wife rolled her eyes and asked me to make some rice for her (as a backup). Anyway, this time I turned to Allrecipes.com (great website) for a recipe and tried one of the top rated recipes there (link here). It was great! I finally have a recipe that works beautifully and I have found another use for my grill.

As always, I didn’t make the recipe exactly like suggested. Here are some notes/lessons learned from my experience.

1. The dough is really soft and somewhat sticky. That’s cool.

2. I used about half the sugar suggested in the recipe – the amount of suggested sugar just looked excessive.

3. When you roll out the dough use a lot of dry flour to keep it from sticking.

4. Roll the Naans pretty thin – about what the thickness of a Tortilla. They puff beautifully.

5. Kalonji/Nigella Satica seeds work very well on top. I used Ajwain/Carom seeds. They work well too.

6. To make the seeds stick, I brushed the top of the uncooked Naan with some melted butter. I did not use butter like the recipe called for.

7. The bread cooks FAST on a grill. Keep an eye on it. The recipe said 2-3 minutes on either side. I think in my super hot grill each side cooked in under a minute.



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