And now for something completely different – A Mediterranean Seven Layer Dip

A Mediterranean Seven Layer Dip

A Mediterranean Seven Layer Dip

In Texas, residents take their football seriously(the American kind, not Soccer). Super Bowl parties are important events and handled with the respect the game deserves. So, should you happen to be at one of these annual shindigs, you can expect to eat and drink till you burst. Popular food sightings at these parties include platters of Buffalo Wings, Chips and Salsa, Queso, and the ubiquitous Seven Layer Dip. The Seven Layer Dip, is a quintessential Southwestern US invention that takes Tex-Mex flavors and throws them together. The layers on the veggie version typically comprise of canned refried beans, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Cheese, Green Onion, Tomatoes, Red Onions. Sometimes sliced Jalapenos are added for good measure. You scoop this dip up with Tortilla chips and stuff you face with it. Lovely stuff, really.

We recently had the privilege of being hosted by one of our friends for dinner, Manisha Kapadia, who happens to be a phenomenal cook. The theme she had chosen for our dinner was Mediterranean and this Seven Layer Dip was something she came up with. We liked it so much that my wife decided to make it for the Super Bowl party we were going to. The layers were – Hummus (home made is better), Tsatziki (or Greek Yogurt whipped with Dill and Lemon Juice and a little salt), salad (chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and some parsley), Feta crumbles, sliced Kalamata olives, chopped red onion.

Eaten with Pita chips, the dip was way more exciting than the Super Bowl this year. Easy to make and the best part is that the leftovers can be used as a spread for a sandwich. Good stuff.

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