A South American Veggie Burger

A South America inspired Veggie Burger

A South America inspired Veggie Burger

I bought a grill. When I mentioned this to a meat-eating friend of mine, he burst into laughter. He wanted to know what a herbivore would do with one. I had big plans for the grill, visions of veggie burgers, pizzas and grilled veggie salads floated past me in my imagination. I was ready for a rude awakening though. The first time I tried to make veggie burgers, they fell apart on the grill. I salvaged what I could and finished them off on a frying pan on a stovetop. I am thinking of using a pizza pan next time to cook them. Maybe they’ll hold up better. I still have high hopes for my new acquisition.

The flavors of the burger though were good enough to merit a foodydoody post. So here goes. In an inspired moment (these are few and far between) I decided to use ingredients typically found in South American/Latin American cooking to put together a veggie burger.  A combination of Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa and Pinto Beans seemed like a good idea and so I went with that. I used an egg as a binder and that was it.

INGREDIENTS (for 4 burger patties)

1 Sweet Potato – peeled and boiled

1/2 cup uncooked quinoa – cooked according to instructions

1/2 cup refried beans – I wanted to use real pinto beans but decided to use them too late, hence didn’t have time to cook them. Ended up using canned refried beans instead.

1/2 tsp Ground roasted cumin

Salt to taste

1/4 tsp Red chili powder

1/4 tsp Black pepper

1/2 Chipotle in adobo sauce – chopped fine

2 cloves garlic – minced

1 egg


1. Mash the sweet potatoes.

2. Add everything else.

3. Taste and adjust seasoning.

4. Shape into patties.

5. Pan fry with a little oil on a frying pan. NOTE: You may want to finish in the oven for 10 minutes at 400F.

6. Serve with fixins.


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6 responses to “A South American Veggie Burger

  1. Ooh, I bet smashed black beans would work really well here too. Yum. Maybe sassed up with a little fresh basil or coriander/cilantro. Rad recipe!

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