Flatbread Pizzettes

Flatbread Pizzettes

Flatbread Pizzettes

This is more of an “idea” post than a full blown recipe. Like many of you, we at the foodydoody household often struggle with figuring out what to send for the kids’ lunch. Our problems are twofold: one, the school cafeteria options aren’t great especially since we are vegetarian, and two, our kids are food critics and expect a certain standard of food to be served to them.

So, one recent morning, I discovered there was some flatbread left over in the fridge. I chopped up some onion and garlic and cooked some spinach and tomatoes with the onion and garlic. For seasoning I used salt, pepper and some dried basil. This became my “sauce”. I then used this sauce on top of the flatbread and put some grated mozzarella on top. Grilled it in the oven and that was lunch for the kiddos that day.

It didn’t take very long to put together and I didn’t hear any complaints later.

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