Food Matters – Mark Bittman

I have never been a big fan of diets. They are a band-aid, putting a patch on a bigger problem but never really addressing fundamentals. Plus, they are impractical. Eating a protein-based diet for the rest of your life, really? I don’t think so, boredom will get you if heart disease doesn’t. I strongly believe in a common sense approach to eating and exercise. Mark Bittman seems to be a kindred spirit and I recently read an excellent book by him called “Food Matters”.

Please do check it out. Among other things, it advocates

  • Eating “Real Food” – not processeed food but food with natural ingredients.
  • Changing the diet to be more fruit and vegetable centric.
  • Eating everything in moderation.

I do love my junky snacks occasionally but I more or less have been following the above approach to eating and it has worked for me and my family. Like the Buddha advocated, it is the Middle Path, neither too extreme left or right. Check it out.


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