Beet and Lentil Burger


Beet Burger with Yellow and Green Split Peas

Beet Burger with Yellow and Green Split Peas

The wife is getting a little tired of me. As soon as I come up with a veggie burger she likes, I make a different version the next time. I can’t help it. So despite, the success of my Vegetable Chop Style burger (see here), I decided to do a slightly different version. I made it with lentils – yellow and green split peas, and brown rice. I also changed the masala and used the Bhaja Masala recipe from here (click here). The masala was excellent.

As for the burger, it was very good but I still prefer some of the earlier recipes I came up with  (click here, and here and here and here). I felt this recipe had too much beet and you could not taste the lentils at all.

The story starts with a trip to the grocery store where I found an absolutely massive beet (1 lb and 12 oz). Knowing that the kids enjoy beet burgers, it came home. It sat in the fridge for a few days till I decided to tackle the project. On the day that I decided to make the burger patties I realized I was low on carrots and potatoes, but I did have yellow split peas (chana daal) and green split peas in the pantry. As it happened, I also had some cooked brown rice in the fridge. That went into the burger as well. This was a very libertarian burger.

INGREDIENTS (for 14 patties)

1 mongo beetroot – boiled and peeled

1 small potato – boiled and peeled

1 medium carrot – boiled and peeled

1/4 cup yellow split peas – cooked and drained

1/4 cup green split peas – cooked and drained

1/2 cup cooked brown rice

1/2 cup roasted peanuts – roughly chopped

Salt to taste

1 egg

Panko bread crumbs

A little olive oil

For the Bhaja Masala

Cumin Seeds — 1/2 tsp
Fennel seeds — 1/2 tsp
Corriander seeds — 1/2 tsp
Clove — 6
Green Elaichi — 3
Cinnamon — 1/2″ stick
Peppercorn — 12
Red chili — 2-3
Bay leaf — tiny


1. Roast all the ingredients for the Bhaja Masala till they just start to smoke and grind them into a powder.

2. Mash the beet, potato, carrot, lentils and rice in a large bowl.

3. Add the Bhaja Masala, salt and egg and mix well.

4. Add salt to taste.

5. Fashion into patties, coat with Panko and then in saucepan with a little oil, lightly brown on both sides.

6. Prepare all the patties and place on a cookie tray. Stick in an oven at 425F for 20 minutes. You are done.

7. When you are ready to consume, heat patties on low heat a skillet/frying pan till they brown on both sides. You can even melt some cheese on top.

8. Use the patty like a standard burger patty and serve with your favorite fixins on a burger bun.


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