Soyrizo: a very good idea, Breakfast Tacos

Soyrizo Breakfast Tacos

We love Breakfast Tacos. There have known to be frequent sightings at breakfast time in the foodydoody household. A while back I had posted a recipe for making them (click here). We used to usually make some hash browns, drop some eggs and scramble them, and then eat them rolled up in a flour tortilla with cheese, salsa and pico di gallo.

But something changed recently. I discovered Soyrizo. It is a vegetarian take on Chorizo, a highly spiced Spanish/Mexican sausage and it is delicious. In fact, some people swear that Soyrizo tastes better than the real thing. Unfortunately I have no point of reference to confirm that. The best part is that it takes Breakfast Tacos to a completely new level. Very easy to use, just heat some oil and fry the Soyrizo for a little bit. Then mix it in with the Hash Brown/Egg mixture and you are done. Fold the mixture in a warm flour tortilla and eat with the usual fixins’.

Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Tum! Delicioso!


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