Veggie Pot Pie

Growing up on a steady diet of British authors, which included Enid Blyton, W.E. Johns when I was younger, and P.G. Wodehouse when I was older, I was intensely curious about the delights of the English cuisine. Among other things it seemed to include cold cuts of meat and cheese, pudding and a variety of savory and sweet pies. When I eventually made it to the Old Blighty in my mid-twenties, I quickly realized that English food was probably as good a reason as any as to why the British decided to leave their country and colonize other parts of the world.

There were a few glimmers of hope in the cuisine though – Shepherd’s Pie can be rescued from its traditional blandness and there is something to be said about eating a nicely flavored meat or vegetable concoction in a savory pie. Scones are generally a good idea and British cheese IMO is probably way better than any other kind – I am talking Stilton and nicely aged Cheddar here.

Old loves and fascinations die hard and I decided to take on the task of making a Vegetable Pot Pie. One, I wanted to come up with a flavorful concoction and two, wanted to learn how to make a pie crust. I succeeded in the latter, but failed in the former. The Vegetable Pot Pie was eminently edible but blatantly bland. Oh well. Will play around with the recipe the next time.

I used the pie recipe from here

and the crust recipe from here

My variations – I did not use mushrooms and added 1 cup each of corn and peas to the veggies. I only covered the top with the pastry instead of a double layer.


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