November 2012 – First week menu

Nov 2012 1st week

After I posted my last blog post on weekly menu planning, I got a request for posting my menu for others to get inspired. Here is the most recent one. I hope it is useful. Let me know if you have questions.


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2 responses to “November 2012 – First week menu

  1. Thanks a ton Sanjiv! How do you manage food for in-between meals? I have to give Rithvik a snack and tiffin for school. Then right after school and before any extra-curricular activity. Then after he is done with his sports activities he may get hungry! I am totally out of ideas. It doesn’t help that he’s a fussy eater.

    • Some snacks we send are – Granola bars, Broccoli with Ranch dressing, Carrot sticks with Ranch dressing, Cheese and crackers, Celery and Hummus, Celery and Peanut Butter.

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