On weekly menu planning

Weekly Menu

For the longest time, my wife and I, planned our weekly menus for all meals every Sunday. Sunday dinner through Friday lunch (weekends are generally more unplanned). Every meal was accounted for and responsibilities assigned. If it was me that had to cook, I’d often cook on the day of (since I work from home), if it was my wife, she’d cook the day before. What planning did was ensure that meals were balanced and everybody was getting the requisite amount of protein, carbs etc.

However, planning had fallen by wayside lately. While we were still eating homemade meals, they usually took the form of me asking the family in the mornings what they wanted for dinner that night. It was all fine and dandy as far as meals went but mid-day snacks were a different matter. Because we were not planning for it, most days kids were eating processed foods as snacks – granola bars, chicken nuggets (the fake variety) and cheese. As picky as my older daughter is with fruit, Wednesday was fruit day, and she would have a piece of fruit, once a week, on Wednesday. My younger daughter, who loves fruit had also reduced her fruit consumption to line up with her older sister. Things came to a head when my younger one told my wife that she only needs to eat fruit once a week because “Daddy said so”. I think my wife blew a couple of gaskets then.

Anyway, this was not an acceptable state of affairs. So we did a reset. Introduced a new menu structure, with fruit every day of the week. So far it has been good. Kids know what they are getting, we know what to shop for and there is little to no wastage. So, if you don’t already do it, do think about planning the week’s meals in advance. You’d be surprised at the time and money you will save, and you will eat a lot better.



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