Attempt #4 at a veggie shami kabab

Veggie Shami Kababs – Attempt #4

As many of you know, I have been at this for a while. Ever since I quit eating meat, Shami Kababs are something I have sorely missed. For the uninitiated, Shami Kababs are an extremely popular appetizer in North India and Pakistan. They are typically made with beef or ground goat meat, bound with Chana Daal and spices. The belief is that Mughal invaders introduced this dish to the Indian palate and that these came over with Syrian cooks that the Mughals brought with them (the Sham in Shami, refers to Syria).

I had not attempted these in a while and then when my mother made the Chickpeas Veggie Patties recently, it rekindled a desire to try and make Veggie Shami Kababs again. The reason being that Veggies Patties, made with Chickpeas, had a taste profile that intersected quite heavily with the taste of Shami Kababs. To add the meaty texture I once again relied on the trusty Morningstar Meat Crumbles (Soy-based meat crumbles). I sauteed the meat crumbles in a little oil with some salt and red chili powder and then mixed them into the veggie patty mixture (see recipe here). I then pan fried the veggie patties with a little oil on both sides.

I am happy to report that this attempt was successful. The veggie kababs were flavorful and had a great texture. The best part was I didn’t need to use the dreaded Shami Kabab Masala, whose proportion I never seem to be able to get right.

I hope you try these with some leftover Cholle. They make a wonderful hors d’oeuvres and are very easy to make. Serve them with some green chutney and you will be in appetizer heaven.



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2 responses to “Attempt #4 at a veggie shami kabab

  1. Sanjiv,
    Have you tried making kababs with chana dal? They taste really good. If you’d like the recipe, I can ask my mom for hers.

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