Necessity is the mother of invention – Bhindi Keema Masala (Okra with Minced Fake Meat)

It is summer in Texas and there is okra everywhere. Having made a recent meal of Bhindi Masala (click here) I thought I’d take a break from okra for a while. But there was still some okra in the fridge and we had some friends coming over for dinner, so what better dinner to make than some Cholle (or Chana Masala – click here for recipe) and Bhindi Masala (okra). The only problem? There wasn’t enough Okra to go around but there were some Morningstar Meat Crumbles (for those of you who don’t know – this is fake meat, made with soybean) in the freezer. So, I improvised.
I broadly followed the recipe that I had posted earlier. The only difference was after step 3, I browned some meat crumbles and then added everything else. It was a good combination and there was much singing and dancing around the fire that night.

NOTE: There is no reason why this approach shouldn’t work with a beef or chicken mince as well. So, if you do try it with those, do share.


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