The humble Grilled Cheese sandwich


Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/Tomatoes

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If you have kids, you know how to make a Grilled Cheese sandwich. Along with Peanut Butter and Jelly, and, Mac and Cheese, the Grilled Cheese sandwich forms the holy trinity of kid-friendly foods in America.

While our kids love them, my wife and I have had mixed feelings about Grilled Cheese sandwiches. On the one hand they are really simple to make. On the other hand, is there really much nutritional value in them? They really are just carbs and fat when you think about it. So we have been sneaky. When we make Grilled Cheese sandwiches for the kids we either put sliced tomatoes while grilling in them, or serve them with a side of veggies.

The problem with putting sliced tomatoes in Grilled Cheese sandwiches is that it makes them soggy. So when my wife recently forwarded me this recipe(click here) for a sandwich, I got the idea of trying a similar treatment for a Grilled Cheese sandwich.

I took two slices of whole wheat bread and put a little bit of butter on them. Then some sliced tomatoes and salt and pepper. Topped them off with some shredded cheese. So at this point I had two open sandwiches or “pizzas”. On low heat and using a little bit of olive oil I toasted each on the bread side, on a frying pan till the cheese was just starting to melt. I then stuck both slices in the oven and broiled them till the cheese started to bubble (NOTE: Don’t broil too long or you might burn the bread. See my picture above as a cautionary tale). That’s it. At this point I could eat each slice separately or, close them up cheese side to cheese side and eat the sandwich. I chose the latter. It was good and the tomatoes were not soggy.


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