Ripe fruit – a case for eating local?

Ripe California Cherries and Strawberries

Since I was missing last week, I have decided to do two mini-posts this week instead of my usual weekly one. This is the first of the two.

Last week, we went on a family trip to Yosemite. It was fantastic. California, of course, is known for produce and on our drive from San Francisco to Yosemite we passed many an orchard/farm. We happened to stop at a fruit stand and bought the best strawberries and cherries I have ever eaten. These were picked literally the morning of our consumption and were dripping with flavor. If that didn’t make the case for eating naturally ripened fruit I am not sure what will. It is obviously impractical to get fruit that ripe in suburbia but it did make a compelling case to find locally sourced fruit so that you can get fruit picked as close to fully ripe as is practical.

On our return to Dallas earlier this week, I heard an interview on NPR on the merits of the exact opposite of eating locally. Pierre Desrochers argues the merits of the agro-industrial complex in his book – “In praise of the 10,000 mile diet”. Interesting point of view. An interview definitely worth listening to. Here is the link.


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