What’s that you are putting in your mouth?

Whipped Butter

Truth be told, our 8 and 10 year olds read nutrition labels. Not all the time but they do, occasionally. They can’t make too much sense of it but know things like – too much fat or sodium is not great, high protein is good etc. I guess that comes to having parents who care about what we eat – my wife more than I  do. So recently, when we ran out of an Olive Oil based margarine product that we use, I went to get some at the store.

It is a good thing that the store was out because I started looking at alternatives. What I found was that most alternatives were chock-full of chemicals and preservatives. Then I came across the whipped butter. Ingredients read – Pasteurized Sweet Cream, Salt. I was shocked, as the Brits would say, Gobsmacked. In this day and age I had found a product containing less than 10 ingredients. Then I looked deeper and found the fat content was actually lower for butter. The difference lay in cholestrol. The margarine had none and the butter did (a small amount, insignificant considering we were sparingly using it as a spread). I do suffer from high cholestrol but I do consume fats in moderation and so guess which one we bought.

Anyway the point being, perhaps we would be better served as consumers if we practiced moderation instead of excess. If we packed some of those Texas-sized meal portions at restaurants and consumed them later instead of finding the “-lite” version of everything. Because in the process of creating these “-lite” alternatives, scientists routinely insert material, and I am consciously using that word, not fit for human consumption to arrive at a certain desired calorific value.

The foodydoody household is definitely a “-lite” consumer, but we will be carefully scanning those content labels going ahead for sure.

NOTE: Talking of whipped butter reminded me of the horrible truth behind it – thanks to Gary Larson. Prepared to be shocked.


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2 responses to “What’s that you are putting in your mouth?

  1. Oh man… that cartoon is just awful (I love it!)

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