Kale Chips Rock!

Kale Chips

Kale. What do you do with it? I am sure we have all heard paeans sung exhorting the virtues of this green but what does one do with it? One of my friends just throws a bunch in a smoothie and essentially masks its taste with other sweeter fruits. That is certainly one approach but there had got to be more ways to eat kale that highlight its flavor instead of hiding it.

On a recent visit to the McKinney Farmer’s Market I picked up a bunch. The vendor assured me that it is packed with nutrients and is good for me (which I believe) and that it tastes good raw(which I don’t believe now).

Anyway, I am a sucker for trying new stuff and so I first used the kale as I would use lettuce in a sandwich. Bad idea. The kale was bitter and not very tasty. I then tried it in a stir fry with better results. Finally a friend suggested making kale chips. Not being a big fan of deep frying, I decided to bake them instead. And guess what, kale chips are absolutely awesome. I used this recipe (click here). Instead of drizzling the kale with oil, I tossed it with oil and sea salt. In fact I liked them so much, I got myself a “Eat More Kale” T-Shirt from here. 🙂

If you haven’t already, try it. They make a very nice alternative to French Fries. It’s not very often that things that are good for you taste this good.

NOTE: In case you are wondering why my kale chips look brown, it is because they are the third batch I made. The first couple of batches were made when the kale was nice, fresh and green. This batch was a week later. Tasted good, looked better, I think, with the variation in color.


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