Picky Kids and Food 1 – Egg Salad Sandwiches anyone?

Egg Salad

Don’t know about you guys but we have some significant challenges keeping our kids fed. The older one is picky and there is a subset of food in the known universe that she would deign to eat (fruit of any kind is not on the list). The sad thing is that this subset seems to get smaller as the days go by. The younger one is more adventurous and willing to try new foods but she eats at a glacial pace. Meals have taken hours in the past. In fact, she is the only human I know of who chews milk.

So given that these two individuals need to be fed we have had to come up with recipes that appeal to them – something that would appeal to the older one at the same time being easy enough to consume for the younger. Eggs were an option. However, the initial reaction on encountering an egg for the first time for my older one was “Ugh, go away!” but gradually she warmed to the idea and will occasionally consume an omelet. Boiled eggs were a different story altogether. She would eat them when she was younger but refused to even look at them when she got older. And then I happened to come across an issue of the “Chop Chop” magazine which had a recipe for an Egg Salad sandwich.

Thinking to myself that I can sufficiently camouflage an egg in an egg salad I set about winging my way through making one. I had never made an egg salad before but it seemed pretty simple to put together. I am happy to report that both my kids loved it and wanted to make it more often. Here is what I used. Sorry for the approximate proportions but I was winging it. This is just to give you some ideas.

INGREDIENTS (Enough for two sandwiches)

2 hard boiled eggs

Low fat olive oil based mayo (you need to play around with the exact amount to get the creaminess you desire. The end result should be a thick spreadable salad.)

1 small carrot diced fine (for the crunch). I think celery will work well too, as will jicama.

1/4 small onion – diced (for the crunch)

1/2 tsp rooster sauce (yet another use for this wonderful condiment. Read my Sriracha at the bottom of this post. Click here)

1/2 tsp garam masala (have to acknowledge my Indian roots)

A little bit of dijon mustard

Some freshly ground black pepper

Salt to taste

A little bit of chopped dill


1. Put everything in a bowl and using a fork, mash it up. That’s it.

2. Spread on bread and make a sandwich.

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