Sorry for the long silence

Sorry about not blogging but we are in the middle of a house move and that has taken up a fair bit of time. I should be back next week with a proper post. In the meantime, here is an article that a friend, Shamik, recently shared. Interesting read. Personally, I enjoy Anthony Bourdain’s show but not so much the Paula Deen show. However, given that Bourdain learned how to cook in the French culinary style he really doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Both traditional French cuisine and down home Southern cooking are dripping in fat and not really meant for daily consumption.

The article is here.

To the best of my knowledge none of the shows on the Food Network or the Cooking Channel are geared towards people making better food choices. They are entertainment, pure and simple. America’s obesity problems are deep and have much to do with the availability of cheap fast food, lack of cooking skills and general lack of awareness/education. Blaming it on an entertainer like Paula Deen is juvenile and misses the point, IMO.

What do you guys think?


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