Mozarellasura Linguini Stotram – Brilliant!

Krish Ashok, a blogger from Chennai cracks me up. His observations on contemporary Indian life (with a distinctly web-savvy bias) are absolutely spot on. Check out his Facebook Mahabharat (an Indian Epic, considered a religious text by Hindus) and his expose on airline food.

All that is fine and dandy but what has that got to do with a food blog and so why am I writing this post. Well, knowing that there was clearly a unmet need in the Italian-Indian fusion segment Krish Ashok just came up with a Carnatic Music (South Indian Classical Music) chant set to words from the Italian culinary tradition. Brilliant.

It can be heard here. The words are

Ai Funghi Linguini Foccacia Capellini Pizza Fettucine Lasagna Penne
Spinaci Bolognese Pesto Minestrone Cannelloni Porfirio Asparagi

Ravioli Spaghetti Alfredo Pescatore Fresco Pomodoro Tagliatelle
Tiramisu Arabiatta Farfalle Stagioni Calzone Gamberi Pepperoncini

Ai Frutti di Mare Quattro Formaggio Risotto con Pollo Paesana Roma
Napolitana Fagioli alla Checca Gorgonzola Gnocchi Carbonara


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