Mango Ginger Mint Sorbet

Mango Ginger Mint Sorbet

We have been living in a furnace for the past month or so. Temperatures in Dallas, TX (where I live) have been over 100F (38C) for over a month now. Yesterday was 109F (43C). It is nasty, dry heat. In fact, I am convinced that if I put an egg out on the pavement it will cook itself. Haven’t tried it yet though.

So given how hot it has been my friend Aneesh admonished me after my last post on Dum Pukht to put something suitably cooling on the blog. Here goes. Given my love for Mango, Ginger and Mint, this is a perfect summer dessert for me. The idea came from the Shelly Kaldunski recipe book that the wife got me along with the ice cream maker for my birthday. But like most recipes I have tweaked it. Reduced the sugar, swapped brown for white sugar, added cinnamon and mint. Very easy to make if you have access to good mangoes (Costco has some good ones right now). Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS (Enough for 6 generous helpings)

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup water

1 inch cinnamon

2 Mangoes – peeled and diced. The core should be discarded. – about 1 lb

Juice of 1 lime

Pinch of salt

1 inch ginger – peeled and shredded

8 mint leaves


1. Heat the brown sugar with water and cinnamon till the sugar is dissolved and a syrup forms. Discard the cinnamon.

2. Cool the syrup.

3. In a blender puree the mango, lime juice, salt, ginger and mint leaves.

4. Chill the puree for 6 hours or so.

5. In an ice cream maker, make the sorbet according to instructions – till the sorbet achieves soft scoop ice cream consistency. In my Cuisinart it takes about 20 minutes.

6. Freeze in an airtight container with parchment paper on top (it prevents ice crystals from forming)

NOTE: Add more sugar if you don’t find it sweet enough. Don’t add mint if you don’t want to. This recipe is yours to play with. You can’t really screw up with with good Mangoes and sugar.


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