Adventures in bread making 2 – Naan dough pizza

Naan dough pizzas - Bellissimo!

Wood-fired oven pizza places, pardon the pun, seem to be spreading like, well, wildfire. There is one close to where we live called the Urban Crust that we quite like. It is in the Plano Historical District. The building it is in is from the 1920’s. The ambiance is wonderful, the pizza is great and the appetizers are, get this, naan with tapenade. Well, not quite naan, but flatbread made from the same dough as what they use for the pizza. It is awesome. So of course, the next time I made pizza at home I had to try using my naan recipe for the dough.

The result? Well, actually quite wonderful. The dough rose like no other pizza dough I have made. The taste was great. Two things to consider – one, this is definitely not thin-crust pizza, the dough rises too much for it to be that (even if you roll it really thin). And two, because the dough rises so much, it helps to really heap the tomato sauce on before you bake the pizza. It might taste too dry otherwise.

I will post the recipe for my tomato-basil sauce later but here is the recipe for the naan dough. The only change I made was I added some olive oil to the dough when I kneading it. The bread turned out much softer. Enjoy!

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